Monumental beauty: Bantaey Srei (16th of June 2021) Siem Reap, Cambodia


Went to the market: Viale Pampiano market (7th of April 2020) Milan, Italy


Locamotive: Flying noodle in Wuhan (23rd of february 2020) Wuhan, Hubei, China


Locamotive: World’s best common sandwiches: Beef on weck (27th of december 2019) Buffalo, New-York, U.S.A.


SCENIC BEAUTY: GUILIN, CHINA (9th of March 2019) Guilin, Guangxi, China


MONUMENTAL BEAUTY: The Petit Palais (22nd of February 2019) Paris, France


Gone to the market: Old market in SIEM REAP (11th of February 2019) Siem Reap, Cambodia


Gone to the market: Albert Cuyp Market (4th of February 2019) Amsterdam, Netherlands


Gone to the market: Sanqiao farmer’s market (26th of November 2017) Taiyuan, China


Locamotive: Cheese made in Manhattan: Beecher’s handmade cheese (7th of July 2017) New-York U.S.A.


Gone to the market: The most authentic Roman foodmarket (7th of July 2017) Rome, Italy

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