About us

States of Splendor is a unique magazine linking together various realities of civilisation. This initiative aims to offer visibility to illustrious phenomena which, by the Splendor that lies within them, represent the excellence of multiple cultures found throughout the world. States of Splendor is a window unto individuals, businesses, places, objects as well as intangible heritage that are worth transmitting to future generations of this ever evolving global village.


States of Splendor is run by a team of passionate individuals with a keen eye for Splendor in the various communities in which they dwell.

Patrick Hacikyan,  editor

Kresna Satria, Indonesia correspondent

Lai-Kuen Tang, England and China correspondent

Ataullah Kiani, Pakistan correspondent

To reach us, for comments or questions contact us: info@statesofsplendor.com

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