SOS Podcast #9

It’s now finally time for the SOS Podcast #9, fruit of many hours of composition. For this 9th installment of our podcasts, the title is: micro and macro Splendor. After much delay and corrections this podcast is finally online. We will, in this audiovisual exposé, examine the complementarity that the macrocosm and microcosm have. With this in mind, we will explore the world of underground and mainstream, within the context of culture, as well as other forms of aesthetic and perceptual spectral appreciation. In this podcast, splendor is explored where it is often overlooked, in the small local phenomena as well as the larger more global phenomena In this process, it becomes clear that in fact, common cloture global phenomena is indeed sourced in the micro, more local splendid filled phenomena. Have a nice podcast session, and feel free to suggest what term could be employed to refer to this type of production, other than a podcast, as Jamie kindly suggested.
We will also possibly place the podcast on a new platform this week.After Rumble and YouTube, we will select a worthy video hosting platform which s allé to host long form videos in 4k. Feel free to ask us questions or comments, as we have not yet entered the domain of superchats.

Thank you for all of your suggestions and support.


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