True Indonesian rice

Yellow rice

As many people know, rice is essential to most of asiatic cuisine.The majority of Indonesia’s populations consume rice as a staple food. The rice can also be used in the practice of certain traditional rituals such as honoring ancestors; therefore rice is an important staple food in the daily life of the Indonesian people.

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Dishes of rice complete with a side dish have begun to be known to foreign countries, such as NASI KUNING. (“Nasi Kuning” means “Yelow Rice” in English).
Some people say, Nasi Kuning is rice coloured with turmeric and usually shaped into a cone because it is often present on festive occasions. The shape echoes that of the mythical Hindu mountain, Meru, the mount of the totality of cosmic creation, while yellow is the colour of royalty and one of the sacred colours for Balinese Hindus.

Pinnacle of rice

Nasi Kuning is made from rice mixed with various spices all from and very typical of Indonesia, and usually prepared for special events such as an anniversary, a birthday, a festival, to practice traditional ceremonies, or other traditional events.. Nasi Kuning usually made complete with side dish such as fried chicken, shredded omelette or balado egg (boiled egg with Indonesian sweet and spicy sauce), potato fritter, dried tempe (“tempe” means “formatted soybean cake” in English), serundeng (relish of grated coconut and spices), chips, and vegetable like cucumber, celery, and lettuce etc.
Nasi Kuning has savory and earthy aroma since it is cooked in coconut milk along with aromatic leaf herbs such as Daun Salam (Indonesian Bay Leaf), Daun Pandan (Screwpine Leaf), Daun Jeruk (Kaffir Lime Leaf), and another aromatic ingredients like Sereh/Serai (Lemongrass).

Nasi Kuning

This dish can be served in many different situations. It can be made for festive occasions as it can also be considered an everyday cheap but tasty meal. Indonesians nowadays can enjoy Nasi Kuning for breakfast or on a homemade menu since it is now commonly sold in the morning traditional markets or we can make it at home simply by the help of a rice cooker. A lot of Indonesian people, usually consume Nasi Kuning, because the taste is good and the price is very cheap, (around 30 to 90 cents U.S.). For those just getting acquainted with Indonesian cuisine or wishing to sample a dish which most regular Indonesians truly eat on an everyday basis, Nasi Kuning is a great way to start. You will find that it comes in many different styles, and many claim to be the best, however one must personally be the judge of that, to get an objective answer!

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5 years ago

Makes me respect my rice, bro. Thanks!